Enovix battery cells are robust and material-agnostic. This enables more efficient use of the volume of the battery, improved packing efficiency of the active materials, exceptional thermal performance and abuse tolerance, as well as accommodating the use of a 100% active silicon anode. The use of silicon within our architecture translates to a battery with high energy density and capacity.

Wearables & IoT

At Enovix, our goal is to unlock the potential of The Internet-of-Things (IoT)—the heart of digital transformation. Enovix batteries are designed to power even the smallest devices, so you can have always-on wearables, portable networking devices, augmented reality/virtual reality devices and computing accessories. Enovix wearable and IoT batteries offer an energy capacity advantage of up to 51% compared to currently available products on the market today.


5G smartphones with on-device AI and 4K video streaming can only reach their potential with a better battery. Land Mobile Radios, which are used by police and first responders need an increase in energy density and capacity to reduce their size and weight, while simultaneously enabling new features.

For smartphones and other handheld mobile devices, the Enovix battery capacity advantage is up to 30% compared to currently available products on the market today.

Laptops & Tablets

Today’s consumers want a smartphone-like experience out of their portable PCs. Feature-packed, always-on, all-day battery life are the computers that will power our mobile future.

For laptops and tablets, the Enovix battery capacity advantage is up to 27% compared to currently available products on the market today.

Industrial & Medical

Medical devices that track health data, monitor vitals and deliver therapy need always-on, worry-free connectivity and battery life. Enovix provides a battery capacity advantage of up to 35% compared to currently available devices on the market today.

Electric Vehicles

The Enovix cell architecture has the potential to create unique advantages for automotive OEMs and pack providers, providing increased energy density, better thermal conductivity, high cycle life, and lower cost at both the cell and pack level, through simplified system design and low-cost manufacturing processes.

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Third-Party Testing

According to Polaris Labs: the Enovix cells not only met the customer’s performance specifications but also “have shown the highest energy density among the cells evaluated” and “perform better than other silicon products we’ve assessed in our lab.”

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