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    TJ Rogers Explains BrakeFlow™

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  • BrakeFlow

    Enovix BrakeFlow™ Technology


    When a conventional lithium-ion battery is pierced or severely damaged, a short can occur, discharging the cell in microseconds and potentially releasing a violent and often fiery chain reaction. It’s called thermal runaway and, well, it’s bad. That’s why we created BrakeFlow™, an intra-cell system that increases abuse tolerance.

    It wasn’t enough to reimagine the lithium-ion battery, we’ve also introduced a whole new level of safety.

    Here’s How It Works





    Test, test, and test again.

    Many in the industry use the nail penetration test to simulate an internal short. But not all tests are equal. We used a fully charged cell at 4.35V on our 100% active silicon anode battery on an insulated table, with an impact speed of 20cm/s using a 6cm long steel rod.

    Could your technology benefit from batteries with high energy density and cycle life?

    Enovix BrakeFlow™ Technology