Routejade Batteries

Lithium-ion Coin-type Battery


Enovix Routejade’s rechargeable coin cell has excellent capacity with an energy density over 300Wh/L.

Because of its safety and resistance to shock, it has been used to power a wide range of rugged wearable devices from GPS and smart watches to smart shoes.

PD (Coin cell series)


Pouch-type Lithium-ion Polymer Battery


As the energy solution for small-sized IT/mobile devices, FLPB series are developed to be suitable for a wide range of wearable devices from headsets to activity trackers.

FLPB (Pouch battery series)


ROUND (Pouch battery series)


Freeing product designers from the constraints of conventional cell shapes, our asymmetric batteries maximize the available energy space of devices by accommodating even the most unusual shapes and sizes.

ASDB (Pouch battery series)

High C-rate Polymer Battery


SLPB is a high C-Rate product optimized for high power applications. We provide a wide range of options up to 10Ah, and even under 1Ah, with 15~30C. Our SLPB cells have been used to power a dynamic range of devices, from medical and industrial equipment to RC helicopters.




ISO 14001 – To certify the environment management system of the company

ISO 9001 – To certify the quality management system of the company

UL 1642 –  Standard for Safety for Lithium Batteries

UL 2054 – UL Standard for Safety for Household and Commercial Batteries

IEC-62133 – Safety requirements portable sealed secondary cells

UN38.3 – Transport of dangerous goods

BSMI – Taiwan regulation for electrical products

KC – Korean regulation for all electronic and electrical products

RoHs – The restriction of the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical products

PSE – Japanese regulation for electrical products (battery over 400Wh/L)

TISI – Thailand regulation for electrical products 

BIS – Indian regulation for electrical products