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Enovix has designed a high-energy, high-capacity battery with a 100% silicon anode to power the technologies of the future.

Novel Architecture and Constraint System

Exclusive BrakeFlow™ Safety Technology

High Energy
Density & Capacity

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Addressing the Four Challenges of Silicon Anodes

Silicon has long been heralded as the next important anode material. Silicon anodes can theoretically store more than twice as much lithium than the graphite anode that is used in nearly all Li-ion batteries today (1800mAh/cm3 vs. 800mAh/cm3).

Silicon’s high energy density, however, creates four significant technical problems that Enovix has solved:

1) First Charge Expansion

Enovix cells have a stainless-steel constraint system surrounding the cell that limits the battery from swelling. We also reorient the electrodes to face a small side of the battery to decrease the required constraining force.

2) First Charge Efficiency

Enovix has developed a “pre-lithiation” process during manufacturing to insert additional lithium source to top-off lithium trapped at formation.

Our batteries can do this practically because the additional lithium only needs to travel a short distance in our architecture to permeate the anode.

3) Cycle Swelling

Enovix manages swelling as a result of cycling with its integrated constraint, limiting swelling to as little as <2% cell thickness after 500 cycles.

4) Cycle Life

The Enovix integrated constraint keeps particles under constant stack pressure, limiting particles from electrically disconnecting and cracking.

Enovix BrakeFlow™ Technology

It wasn’t enough to reimagine the lithium-ion battery, we’ve also introduced a whole new level of safety.

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Next-Gen Battery Manufacturing

Pattern, Stack, Constrain, Repeat

Enovix has applied an innovative approach to Li-ion battery production. The result is precision production tools that have the potential to increase megawatt hour (MWh) capacity relative to a conventional Li-ion battery production line at the same volume. Providing an opportunity for Enovix to achieve a cost-effective, high-volume production process for silicon-anode Li-ion batteries. Just in time for the future.TM

An Industry Prime for Disruption

Wearable and IoT Cell

Designed for Wearable and IoT Devices

322 mAh capacity

1.17 Wh energy

80% capacity retention

Laptop and Mobile Cell

Designed for Laptops and Mobile Devices

5.78 Ah capacity

21.0 Wh energy

80% capacity retention

Industrial and Mobile Cell

Designed for Industrial and Mobile Devices

3.36 Ah capacity

12.2 Wh energy

80% capacity retention

Industrial Cell

Designed for Industrial Applications

2.15 Ah capacity

7.79 Wh energy

80% capacity retention

See why the Enovix 100% active silicon anode cell is the most significant battery architecture advancement in the last 30 years.

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