Journey to Scale

We are on a mission to power the technologies of the future.

Everything from IoT, mobile and computing devices, to the vehicle you drive, needs a better battery. 

Our disruptive architecture enables a battery with high energy density and capacity without compromising safety. 

We’re scaling our silicon-anode, lithium-ion battery manufacturing capabilities  

to meet customer demand.  

Follow our journey to scale:

Quarterly Manufacturing Scorecard

Metrics Toward High Volume Production


Our first manufacturing facility is located in Fremont, California. We expect to produce 180,000 wearable-sized cells in full-year 2023.


In March 2023, we signed a non-binding Letter of Intent with YBS International Berhad to locate Fab2 in an existing YBS building at the Penang Science Park in Malaysia. At 200,000 square feet, our new Malaysian Fab2 building has enough space to accommodate four production lines that will be capable of manufacturing between 38 million to 75 million batteries a year, depending on battery size.

Gen2 Autoline

The Gen2 Autoline will enable us to achieve an over 10x throughput improvement over the current Fremont Line 1, as detailed in a video featuring Gen2 manufacturing steps narrated by our Chief Operating Officer, Ajay Marathe. VIDEO & ARTICLE

Agility Line

The Agility Line, which is our next generation R&D line, will be located in Fab1 in Fremont, Calif. It enables quick changeover to accommodate various battery cell sizes and is designed to facilitate the building, testing and qualification of new and custom cells before they are introduced into high-volume manufacturing.

Enovix COO, Ajay Marathe discusses the improvements in Gen 2 manufacturing over Gen 1

Challenge made – challenge accepted.
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